Wednesday, August 28, 2013

 Our Endless Summer Days 

Demimonde marked a real milestone this summer by hiring it's first employee, Julia Platt-Hepworth. She keeps the doors open on Sundays and Mondays, helping me with all the minutia that a shop requires and has been invaluable in helping get the website off the ground.  She's become quite the production assistant even though her expertise is in fashion styling - working with notable photographers and publications internationally and in the Portland area.  Along with Julia, I have been lucky to have Carlie Armstrong as an intern.  Carlie is a creative force that has the sincerest "let's do it" attitude that has helped with a lot of projects around the shop.  And she is an amazing photographer too!

I had an intuition that letting these creative women work together without too much direction from me, that they would come up with a new Look Book for Demimonde.  I'm so happy to share the result of their collaboration.  I love the Indian summer feel with airy sunlight -  it captures the treasured Pacific Northwest sunshine that will carry us warmly into the fall.

Very special thanks to:
Photographer:  Carlie Armstrong
Stylist :  Julia Platt-Hepworth
Models: Savannah Bigley and Helena Morse